Developer Seminar

SG GameFest – Developer Seminar 2010

  • 8.45 am Registration
  • Keynotes
  • 9.00 am Government Welcome Address:
    Mr Thomas LIM: Senior Director, Interactive Media & Games - Media Development Authority (Singapore)
    Mr Tetsuhiko YASUDA: President – Sony Computer Entertainment Asia (Japan)
  • 9.25 am OPENING KEYNOTE:
    Critical Game Development Issues
    •   Upshots Of Interaction Between New Technologies And Established Techniques
    •   Proven Techniques To Apply When Designing For Brand New Hardware On Social Environments
    •   The Next Wave of Game Development
    Mr Noah FALSTEIN: Game Designer and Producer – The Inspiracy (USA)
  • 10.15 am Morning Refreshment Break
  • Games Talk Shop
    •   Developing Characters To Flesh Out Your Story/Game
    •   Innovating The Pillars of Strategy Through Animation
    Ms Marlina SUGAMA: Co-Founder and Writer, Main Studios (Indonesia)
    Co-ordinator: IGDA Indonesia (International Game Developers' Association, Indonesia)
  • 11.15 am The Quick And Dirty To Developing Social/Casual Games
    •   Analysing The Underlying Mechanics And Principles T hat Drive Sociable Gameplay
    •   Evolution Of Key Trends And Strategies Impacting Casual Games Development
    •   The Crossover To Social Game Development: From Structured Game Mechanics To An Open Variable Social Game
    •   Casual Games Made For Different Platforms
    Mr Allan SIMONSEN: CEO/Developer, Boomzap Pte Ltd (Singapore)
    President: IGDA Singapore (International Game Developers' Association, Singapore)
  • 12.00 pm Serious Games Development For Education, Learning and Training
    •   Serious Games in the US and European Region: Lessons Learnt
    •   Developing Serious Games for Education, Learning and Training
    •   Collaborative Power of Serious Games: Multi-Touch, Wii, etc
    Prof Eku WAND: Lecturer – Games Academy (Germany)
    Professor – Braunschweig University of Art (Germany)
    Owner – Eku interactive e.K (Germany)
  • 12.45 pm Networking Lunch
  • 1.45 pm Games for Everyone: The Need For Research in Games Development
    This presentation captures elements including social, novel, mixed reality and interactive media from a research perspective and stress the importance of research in games and serious games development.
    •   Serious Games Continuum: From Games For Purpose To Experiential Environments For Purpose
    •   Need For Fundamental Research To Inform And Drive Development And Demonstrate That Players Are Indeed Learning What They Are Supposed To Be Learning
    Dr Timothy MARSH: Asst Professor, Comms & New Media Programme, Faculty of Arts & Social SciencesNational University Singapore (Singapore)
    Mixed Reality Lab (MXR) / Keio-NUS CUTE Center, Interactive & Digital Media Institute (IDMI) – National University of Singapore (Singapore)
    Principle Investigator: Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab (Singapore)
  • The New(s) To Games Development
  • 2.30 pm Cloud Computing And Virtualization: VIEWS FROM THE FRONTLINE
    This sponsored panel by Tata Communications seeks to uncover the new methods, theories on the benefits of Cloud Computing, Security, Infrastructure, Hurdles, Enterprise, Advanced benefits of Virtualization, High availability, Disaster recovery, Policy-based management, IT optimization and the move beyond servers and out to desktops and applications. The selected panel includes a cloud computing solutions provider and two current cloud computing corporate users.
    Mr Aroon TAN: Managing Director – Magma Studios PL (Singapore) and President of GXA (Games Exchange Alliance, Singapore)
    Mr Linus YONG: Chief Technical Officer - IAHGames (Singapore)
  • 3.15 pm The Buzz of "Gameification" And "Gamepocalypse"
    •   Integrating Games And Game-Like Elements Into Non-Game Platforms
    •   New Games, New Audiences And New Genres
    Dr Kevin LIM: Asst Director – Strategy & Experience, National Art Gallery (Singapore)
    Social Cyborg, Cyberculturalist, Edupunk and Futurist (Singapore)
    Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect not only revolutionizes the way people play games, but also changes the way games are designed and created. This talk will introduce the technology powering Kinect and present innovative thinking and ideas to help you take your game from initial design to the living room. Discover best practices and what makes the “magic” in a Kinect game.
    Mr Jean-Francois PREVOST: Developer Account Manager (APAC), Microsoft Operations (Singapore)
  • 4.45 pm Unveiling Viwawa Developer Program
    • Unveiling The Viwawa Developer Program: DevPals
    • Call For Games
    Mr Christopher LOW: Managing Director – Pendulab Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • 5.00 pm Afternoon Refreshment Break
  • 5.15 pm Joint Plenary: Futurology of Game Development Process
    Invited panelists will combine their experiences and knowledge to share insights on the next development and creative landscape. The panel also seeks to address areas which may not have been covered in the seminar context.
    Panel Chair: Mr Thomas LIM, Senior Director – Interactive Media & Games - Media Development Authority (Singapore)
    Panel Moderator: Mr Aroon TAN: President – Games Exchange Alliance (GXA Singapore)
    Mr Noah FALSTEIN: Game Designer and Producer – The Inspiracy (USA)
    Mr Jean-Francois PREVOST: Developer Account Manager (APAC), Microsoft Operations (Singapore)
    Mr Christopher NG: General Manager – Electronics Asia-Pacific (Singapore)
    Mr Allan SIMONSEN: President: IGDA Singapore (International Game Developers' Association, Singapore)
    Prof Eku WAND: Lecturer – Games Academy (Germany)
  • 6.00 pm Official Opening Ceremony: SG GameFest 2010
    Mr Aubeck KAM: Chief Executive – Media Development Authority (Singapore)
  • 6.15 pm Games Industry Networking Reception (Level 4)
    An after-hours informal session to network, chill-out and foster new relationships. Other than the seminar speakers and participants, senior key industry executives and game trade associations will also be invited to join this networking platform.
  • 9.00 pm Wrap of SG GameFest – Developer Seminar 2010
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